Monday, November 16, 2009

Sick or not sick?

So - I never get sick.

Seriously, in 3 years of working at my current job, I have only taken 2 sick days. And technically, I was only sick the first day. The second day I was sick for about the first hour, then I was fine. In fact, it's almost been a full year since I've been sick (click here for documented "proof"). So it's hard for me to tell when I'm getting sick, because it's so rare that I get sick, that I don't know what signs to look for! I don't know what my body is telling me!

This morning, I started having small dizzy spells when I was putting on my make-up. I shook it off as just my body waking up. However, when I got to work, it continued. Plus, I also started having a headache that came and went at random times, and when my head hurt, it made my stomach hurt. I just didn't feel normal. The only word I could use was "fuzzy".

It wore off as the day went on, thanks mostly to Ibuprofen, but after dinner, the "fuzzy" feeling came back. So I just don't totally feel right, but I don't think I'm sick. Or getting sick. But I might be? Who knows...I kinda hope so. Because then I can take a few paid days off from work without digging into my vacation time!

And to top it all off, I stubbed my pinky toe on a shoe (yes, a shoe!) and I think it's broken. I can't bend it and it hurts like hell to walk on. Poor me.

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