Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Festivities

Whew. I finally find myself with a few minutes to take a deep breath and blog. (Pictures to come very soon!!!)

I think the best way for me to document what has happened over the past few days is by listing it in "bulleted" form. So here goes:


- Had the day of work and was able to sleep in (finally!) til 9 am or so.

- Met up with my mom, sister and her 2 kids, and went shopping at K-Mart and the Dollar Store. There is no way on this planet I will step foot in a store on Black Friday unless absolutely neccesary, so shopping the day before is fine with me. And I didn't even get anything!

- We went to Justin's parents house around 4:30 and had a mini-Thanksgiving dinner: Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cranberries. Then after dinner, we took Bailey and their 4 dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. Anything to get Bailey to lose some weight! (He's still limping).

- Talked Justin into getting me LEGO BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So let's just say that's how my night ended.


- Got up a little earlier than normal and drove to the local dog park to meet up with Justin's parents. Spent about an hour there and Bailey was TIRED!

- After returning home and showering, we went over to my parent's house for Thanksgiving dinner. We got there around 1 and mainly spent the time watching the Cowboys and lounging on the couch. Justin helped me by making the pumpkin pie!!

- We left briefly to run to the store for milk and to get Bailey his dog food, which he promptly scarfed down.

- Dinner was WONDERFUL!!! We had turkey, stuffing, cranberries, corn, squash, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans...and I think that's it!! Talk about a feast! Lots of laughs were shared, of course, and dessert was just as good with apple and pumpkin pies. I feel like I don't have to eat again for a month!

And the best news???? That I get to put my Christmas wreath together this weekend!!! And start decorating! I think Justin and I will be going tree shopping this weekend too - I can't wait! And I can finally listen to Christmas music and not feel guilty. I'm so thankful for a 5 day weekend!!

Hope the holiday was wonderful for you! Have a safe weekend! (And NaBloPoMo is almost over - and I've posted every single day!!)

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