Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear Neighbors (from you know where...)

Rude Neighbor #1: Please remember that you live in an apartment complex and there are other residents in the apartments around you. Some of these residents actually attempt to occasionally sleep in past 6:30 am during the week. When you turn on your motorcycle to idle while you go inside for 10-15 minutes, you disturb your neighbors and ruin their day. You are also quite possibly tempting someone to steal your motorcycle right out from in front of you. You would probably not like for your neighbors to be loud and disturb you when you are trying to rest or relax. So please, in the future, keep that in mind when you are considering leaving your bike running for long periods of time early in the morning. Thank you.

Rude Neighbor #2: Please remember that you live in an apartment complex and there are numbered parking spaces designated to residents upon signing a lease, including you. You were given a parking space directly in front of your building, not two spaces. Please also remember that there are un-numbered spaces scattered around the complex for the specific reason of allowing residents and guests who can not park in their space to still be able to park in the vicinity of their own apartment, where they pay rent. These spaces are not meant for people to “save” just because it is in front of their own building. You should be parking your motorcycle in the spot specifically reserved for your apartment, where you normally park your vehicle, which is what the numbered space is intended for. There may be multiple vehicles for you and the other residents of your apartment, but that does not entitle you to “save” a space for your car while you are not at home. While this is a smart idea, wouldn’t it be nice if all of us with more than one vehicle could “save” a space in front of our own building? If that were the case, then there would be absolutely no empty spaces whatsoever, and there would be no purpose in having un-numbered spaces. Please remember this the next time you want to leave your bike parked in an un-numbered space for weeks on end.

Also, I fail to see why you need to watch your tv at maximum volume with your bass on from 6 pm to 11 pm daily. Please be aware that you are not the only people living in this apartment building. Next time you consider turning on your tv, consider the fact that I could just as easily have my 120 pound dog play fetch in my apartment directly above yours during that time frame, but out of consideration for your living space, I do not do so.

Thank you both.

And the moral of the story? If you have a motorcycle, don't move to my apartment complex! And if you already live here, DON'T GET A MOTORCYLE!

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