Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hooray for new discoveries!

I know that I’m about a year behind everyone else but I just discovered the magic of Cuties Clementines! Why did no one rave about them to me sooner?!!? Someone at work bought them to share, and originally I was turned off. I don’t normally like peeling and cutting my own oranges. And I hate seeds!

But after being informed that not only do they come seedless, and in pieces, I decided to suck it up, peel a clementine and try. The first bite was AMAZING!! You bite into a little individual piece and the orange juice just squirts out and it’s just yummy!

Justin’s mom went shopping a week or two ago, and bought a huge bag at CostCo, and graciously gave us half! We were on the verge of running out when the same co-worker who turned me on to Cuties called and let me know she had brought in more! It made my day!

I just enjoyed a Cutie actually, and now my office smells like citrus and it makes me happy! Hooray for the little things!

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michelle k said...

We loooove Cuties AND Ghost Adventures. Back to the Cuties... you can sit and watch a Christmas movie while eating them and suddenly you'll look down and realize you've eaten like this insane number of clementines and you're not even full. It's awesome.