Friday, February 20, 2009

Where on earth???

I bet you're's been almost 3 days and Karen hasn't posted!!! Like I mentioned on my last post, I don't get sick that often so it was hard for me to roll out of bed to get to my laptop, or to even bother bringing in to me (because I slept so much). It was amazing though... I never knew I loved sleeping that much!! There’s nothing much going on, other than my nose is sore from sneezing all week, and my chest and throat are burning from coughing.
Right now, I’m just watching the 1st Season of 30 Rock on DVD and obviously catching up on the blog world. If you haven’t seen 30 Rock, I recommend that almost as strongly as The Office. You need to watch a few episodes though, in order to fully “embrace” the characters and the story line.
I’m also watching my sweet puppy murder a rawhide bone (don’t worry – this brand doesn’t give him diarrhea). So, since there isn’t much to report in my world (except that my 25th bday is coming up), here’s an update on how Bailey’s doing!! Last I weighed him, he was 106 lbs! I’m taking him in tomorrow to get a more recent number.
Here's my "bathing beauty" posing for me:

As part of my morning routine I always dry my hair last. Over the past 9 months or so he has gotten so used to my routine, and when I leave. So one morning, as I was combing out my hair after drying it, I came out of the bathroom, and he had brought his rawhide with him into his cage! (I took it out before I left though...) He was ready for me to go to work and went in his cage all by himself! So sweet!

He's now gotten into the habit of sitting under the table everytime I sit down at it (which is usually when I'm blogging)

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Krista said...

I LOVE office and 30 Rock! you should stream netflix and watch all the 30 rock and office on there!