Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ghost of Christmas Past

I'm at my parent's house tonight - booking a flight to Dallas for Christmas!!!! That's right! My brother heard that I wasn't able to get a ticket to go down there, and my siblings started a ticket "round-up" and chipped in with my parents to get me a ticket to visit! Such an amazing family!! So more to come on that as it progresses...

So in the spirit, tonight I stumbled across my parent's pictures , and saw some of Christmases past. So bear with me for my trip down memory lane!

My most memorable Dalmation doggie (no longer with us), Oliver!

And this is a picture outside our house in Plano, the first year our dad actually let us put "colored" lights outside!! (The lights outlining the yard are white and green).

This is inside the house. I picked one with me in it as proof I was there, but where you couldn't see my makeup-less face. This was my first Christmas home from college!

And this is my brother Brian, with Oliver and my parent's dog Baxter - but Baxter is a puppy here! I forgot how adorable he was!!
My niece Emma (who is now six) and I at my sister's house. She fell asleep in my arms. I could have stayed like that forever!!

And Brian and I playing cards after all the gifts had been opened!

What will Christmas 2009 look like? You can bet you'll find out - just keep following!!

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