Sunday, November 1, 2009

Reading Update

So, much to my surprise, and my pride, I have actually been reading the fictional book more often than the non-fiction book! Even though I am into the fictional book, I'm not so crazy about it. I'm a little bit disappointed.

I was expecting it to be a historical, puzzle-solving mystery. It's actually turned out to be a little slow. The book is told from first person perspective, which isn't totally my preference. The author, or "main character" even refers to the book that I'm reading!! She says things like "as you'll come to find out in this book" or "as you'll come to learn as you keep reading". That really bugs me because it's not really a true story or real life, so I don't like when characters talk about the book I'm reading! That takes away from the story, at least for me. I prefer to be a third-person viewer, and rather than hearing "I", I would like to read a story and hear things referencing things like "Susie" and "she". But, either way, the writer is very descriptive and even though it's not as historically or mysteriously as intriguing as I would like, it's still a good book.

Unfortunately for me, I really like the books where there are leads, and puzzles, and myteries. In this book, it's less mystery and puzzle solving and just more descriptives like "we were in the parlor" and "the dinner was wonderful. It consisted of...". I didn't really like that it was more of the day to day "boring" descriptive and less murder mystery and putting pieces of the mystery together.

But, the story is good and interesting, and hopefully by no means I have discouraged you from reading her books.

I don't think I will be buying any more books from this author though. But I will still keep looking out there for new mystery authors. So if you have any recommendations, then please share!

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