Friday, November 13, 2009

So the Christmas story goes...

So the story goes…

I didn’t feel that I would be able to buy my own ticket to Texas for Christmas, and after finding out my parents had already bought theirs, and we hadn’t talked about them getting a ticket for me, I figured I definitely wouldn’t be going.

My dad did call me and let me know that he was feeling sad that I would be the only one not with them at Christmas, and he’d be willing to go halfway on a ticket with me. Unfortunately, things are really tight for me, as well as most other people these days, and I couldn’t even do that. Keep in mind that it would have been a $200-250 ticket, which doesn’t seem like much, but that’s just half!! And the later you buy, the more the prices go up.

So I had come to terms with being the only one out of state for Christmas, and was making plans to do things up here with Justin’s family and trying to get a seasonal retail job. But one day out of the blue, the younger of my 2 older brothers called me. He wanted to let me know he had read one of my Facebook updates where I wrote I wasn’t going home for Christmas. He explained that he really wanted to see me, and wanted to know what days I’d be available to visit, because he wanted to participate in buying me a ticket. I was actually speechless – I didn’t think they would do this. I know they love me, but I was really blown away by the nice gesture.

A few days went by and I wasn’t really expecting to hear from them because money is tight for my siblings as well, and my parents had already spent about $1,000 so far on just getting themselves down there. However, my dad called me last weekend and said, “Did you know your brother was leading a campaign to get you to Dallas for Christmas, and is getting everyone to chip in and buy a ticket? Well, everyone loved the idea and we’d love to buy you that ticket”.

I tell you what; I’ve never felt more loved by my family then when I found out that they had done this. I mean, they’ve come to graduations, and plays, and marching band competitions and things over the years – but this was huge, and really meant a lot to me. I finally purchased the ticket last night at my parents, and I will only be there about 4 ½ days, which is not nearly as long as my parents 8 days, but I’m still grateful that I’ll get to see them all and grateful that I even get to go.

I will see some at Thanksgiving, but this Christmas trip will probably be the last time I will see any of them until Thanksgiving next year. Once a year – that’s how often I get to see my brothers and sister and their extended family. Makes me sad to go, because then when I leave I know it will be another year, but even happier because I get to make the most of it. And leave with memories to last a lifetime. I’ll be telling my grandkids about this Christmas!!!

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