Friday, November 6, 2009

Scubs Sounds

The long-lived and loved series, Scrubs, celebrated it’s final season this past year. As sad as that is, great moments from the show will always live on in my memory (and in syndication on at least 3 different television networks that I can think of). Of course there are a ton of one-liners and inside jokes that only long time watchers will get. But…the music choices on that show are definitely something that will stick with me, and will always bring that particular moment back to the front of my memory.

For example, the theme song. “I’m no Superman” by Lazlo Bane. The version played at the beginning of the show is quite faster than the real version. It’s still toe tapping at the slower pace, but it’s not just the pace of the song. Something about the banjo and harmonica playing throughout the song, and the mellow sound of the lead singer’s voice make you want to skip down the street picking flowers. As hokey as that sounds, it’s true. You can’t help but listen to the song and find that you’re bopping your head along. It doesn’t tie into a specific memory for me about the show, but every time I hear it, I think of the show in general. Plus, you can’t help but smile and agree when you hear the lyric: “I can’t do this all on my own/No, I’m no Superman”.

Another song that may not stand out for some people, but definitely does for me is “Africa” by Toto. The show was called “My Way Home”, was the 100th episode directed by the lead, Zach Braff, and was themed to be like The Wizard of Oz. The show opens on a very girly bathroom with candles and lotions and dim lighting and a person in a bubble bath. As the camera pans, you see it’s the main character, J.D., enjoying his female roommate’s wonderfully decorated bathroom. He’s jamming out on his iPod and singing out loud – problem is, he doesn’t know any of the words – except “down in Africa”. I had heard this song maybe a few times before, but because of this specific scene, it’s forever etched in my psyche. Not one occasion where I’ve heard the song has passed where I haven’t smiled or giggled. The ingraining of this song got even worse when Colorado Springs had downpours for several days on end a few months ago, and my brother was actually in Africa at the time! So, the song ended up being my ring tone, and now every time it rains, guess what pops into my head? Yup.

Plus, anything that Colin Hay has ever written, sung and/or performed for the show is on my iPod. He’s the lead singer of the popular 80’s band “Men at Work”. You may remember him as singing “I Come From the Land Down Under”. Apparently Zach Braff is a huge fan of his. So they play him a lot.
Other specific songs that I LOVE from the show, that you should check out, are:

“Question” – Rhett Miller (Old 97’s): played during the episode where Turk proposes to Carla
“Good Time” – Leroy: played in the 1st episode of the 2nd season
“Overkill” – Colin Hay: played over the opening sequence of the 3rd season

Just do a search for “Scrub songs” or “Scrubs soundtrack” and I bet you will find a great playlist for a great afternoon of mellow, chilled out time. My playlist is called “Great Weather Songs”. I break it out whenever it’s time for good driving music. Or whenever I want to bop my head or tap my feet – basically it brings a smile to my face.

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