Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reading Update

I am addicted to Emily Giffin. It first started with Something Borrowed. I saw a preview for the movie coming out soon, and wanted to read the book before the movie came out. It was an impulse buy and - I finished the book in 24 hours.

It was that good. Another amazing impulse buy (like Eat, Pray, Love).

So then, the next night, I couldn't wait and went to Borders and got the sequel - Something Blue. It's a followup to Something Borrowed. I got it on a Friday - finished it Sunday afternoon. Less than 48 hours. Must be a new record for me.

Now I'm addicted. She has 3 other books out there - Baby Proof, Love the One You're With, and Heart of the Matter. They're all seperate plot lines from the first two, but I realized that I really liked how she wrote.

I just bought Baby Proof online 5 minutes ago. I didn't want to spend the full $15 at Borders, so I found a website selling it for under $4 - including shipping!!! It's used, which doesn't matter to me. It's still the same book! Plus, after I read them, I plan on trying to sell them online, so I should get some money back. Good deal.

Can't wait!! Only 7-14 days til Baby Proof arrives, and when it does, before I even finish it, I'm ordering another one because I know it will be done in less than 2 days!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I've said it a million times...

But I really need to get back to reading. Recently, I read "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I watched the movie and then bought the book online on impulse.

Best. Impulse. Buy. Ever.

Anyway, I saw a movie preview for "Something Borrowed". And I then (impulsively) bought it online from And I know, I'm years behind the curve, but at least I'm not a bandwagon fan, right?

I read several reviews, and it seems like it's a very popular book. Plus (duh!) it's being made into a movie!

So between Emily Giffin and Elizabeth Gilbert, I've got a great series of books to start on either way! Not to mention the 18 books I already have stacked up at home to read, but at least it's a start!

Any thoughts/feedback/opinions on "Something Borrowed"??

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brief Update

Well it' s been more than a month again. And I can't say I haven't visited this site during that time; I have been catching up on your blogs! I keep checking the website and reading other blogs and thinking "wow I'm boring". But you know what? I've never been happier. I recently got out of a bad relationship. It's like a breath of fresh air. I spent almost 2 years being miserable, but now only have to think about ME finally. I recently moved into my "own place". Granted, my parents own it, but now (again), it's finally all about ME and what I want. (On a side note, I went out and bought a combo modem/router So, as I promised over a month ago, I will update you all on the remaining "topics" I had listed:

  • Recently, the lady who runs our employee events and employee newsletters (things going on at work, weddings, babies, etc.) moved to another department in the hotel. So her role was open. It was filled briefly by someone else at the hotel, but she then decided to go back to her original department, so it was open again. Basically, I was handed all of the newsletters and any kind of graphic design stuff that the position used to do! Another lady I work with got the party planning stuff (which is fine with me) and now I get to be much more creative. It's GREAT!

  • At the time I wrote my last entry, a Hungarian named Luca was living with my parents. She came to the US a year ago to work at the hotel, and my parents became her "host family" - basically, when they come work in America for a year, they're away from all their friends and family, and my parents would have her over for dinner, and to do laundry and basically be there for her. It was like having a roomate! She's my same age, and we talked about boys and family and life. She went back to Hungary, but it was nice having her around!

  • My New Year's resolutions (Yea, they're pretty much all broken by now). Not much else to add. But again - I'm just happy.

  • Don't remember about my reading list - but I haven't touched a book in a month. I should really start reading again!

  • Phone Saga - I switched to a Samsung Instinct back in October. I hated it. Other than the phone calls and texting, it didn't do a single thing I wanted. So I switched back to a Blackberry over a month ago. Again, another breath of fresh air. I LOVE it!!! And I have 2 sparkling rhinestone-type cases. HEAVEN.

  • Necklaces - for about a month back in Feb/March, I was making beaded necklaces like nobody's business. Well, that has slowed down a bit, but it was creative and sparkly and it felt good.

Whew. Well, that was my list. Hopefully another month won't go by before I blog again.