Friday, November 20, 2009


I have mentioned these shows once before, but I'm just addicted to them!

1) Man vs. Food - Adam Richman - Travel Channel -
This show is just plain awesome!!! He travels around the states looking for the biggest, spiciest, craziest food dishes. He always goes and experiences a few other local places first before visiting his challenge destination, and it's always interesting to see recipes behind interesting and unique dishes. Plus, he's really funny! A marathon was on a few days ago, and I just couldn't turn it off!

2) Ghost Adventures - Travel Channel -
I started to watch this on Halloween as a way to kind of "get into the mood". Apparently, it was a marathon, and I stayed up until 2 am watching episodes! I don't really feel like I believe, but it's very intriguing to hear the stories and at least digest the "proof" that they collect.

If you have cable, I highly recommend tuning in to the Travel Channel and watching these shows!

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