Saturday, November 14, 2009

Miss-Mash Saturday

Didn't do much today, which felt nice. Got up a little early because Bailey had to go out, and watched random movies on tv.

I was able to get out with Justin for a while though. He recently got a brand new phone from Verizon and it had come out of the box with a defect, so I went with him to the store to have it replaced. I will never go to a cell phone store on a Saturday again!! Fortunately, it took only about 20 minutes to talk to a representative and then we were out of there after 10 more!

Then we were discussing lunch options and decided to go to Chilis, since they started back their 2 dine for $20 option. We figured if we went to a place like Chipotle or Panda express, we'd end up paying betwen $7 to $10 a person anyway, and at least at Chili's we'd make sure we got our fair share of food and even have leftovers. Best decision of the day!! He got ribs and I got a Bacon Burger, and between that and the queso with chips, we couldn't even eat our dessert! So yummy - and we ate around 2 pm, so by 8 pm we weren't even hungry for dinner!

Then we went grocery shopping. It's never a good idea to go shopping for food when you're hungry, so we couldn't have gone at a better time. Now I'm settling in to watch a movie or two before Saturday Night Live. Better be good!

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