Saturday, November 28, 2009

My first Christmas Wreath

Over the years, my parents have, of course, bought wreaths for our houses. But this year, I found a great deal on Christmas items, and decided to make my very own, first homemade wreath! Check it out!

First of all, I got these really cute Christmas socks, and they have sparkly thread! They're keeping my feet warm right now! (And just in time - it's supposed to start snowing tonight!)

So here are all the materials: a wreath, 3 attachments, and a box of little ornaments to fill in the spaces.

Here's the "staged" wreath, so I could see where I wanted to put the attachments.

And here's the final product, with the ornaments added in arrangements intended to look like berries!

Then, finally - the wreath made it onto the door, and fit so perfectly that I can still see through the peephole!

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