Saturday, February 7, 2009


So Bailey, as most my family and Weimaraner friends know, is kind of a “freak” of the breed standard. He’s 1 year old and officially 106 lbs.

Well, I’m also a pretty weird human, with some weird personality traits of my own. For example, I won’t eat food if it’s touching another food. It has to be separated. Period.

Back to Bailey – he has a lot of very adorable facial expressions that just make me melt, and that I have never seen another dog do before. It’s very rare that I will have my camera with me of close by when he does these things, and by the time I go get my camera, he’s changed his face, so I miss it! But one of the things he does that makes me giggle EVERY time he does it, is he pouts! It always looks like he sticks his bottom lip out and pouts, but I think it just gets stuck on his upper lip or something.

And that last one, if you can see it, was captured by accident, because I was really meaning to take a picture of him all stretched out, doing his “bear rug” imitation.

He also makes a lot of Elvis expressions, but I really haven’t been able to capture one on film yet! His jowls get stuck on his teeth and it looks like he’s going “Thank ya very much”.

I love my puppy!!

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Anonymous said...

I love it! Chloe makes the same face but I can not get it on camera. We call it her Festus face because it reminds us of this old man who never has his teeth in. I love the last pic how he is all stretched out!