Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What do you know...I can get sick!

About one time every 3-4 years, I get sick. I'm one of those people who manage to live without getting flu shots or having to drink Emergen - C and who doesn't get sick. At all. The flu could go around the office, and I'd be the only one who didn't get it. Or my boyfriend would get a cold, and I'd be fine.

And it's finally happened! I woke up Monday morning with a fever of 101.7, a headache, and the chills. I've never even taken a sick day in over 2 years at the Broadmoor! That just shows you how rare it is that I get sick. And it usually doesn't last that long!

But...I woke up again with a sore throat and a fever of 100.7, so I knew I'd need to stay home and rest. If I went in, I'm sure I would have given whatever I have to someone else or would have gotten worse. So today is my "recovery" day. I've had some NyQuil, so I'm off to get some sleep! Bailey is enjoying my company I think...and he's totally loving sleeping with me!

And for some reason, I am TOTALLY craving a Big Mac!!

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