Friday, February 27, 2009

I must always have sparkles.

The people I work with know this and know it very well. We've sort of done an Annual "HR Awards" show once a year, where we each have to pick another person's name and create an award from them.

There's about a $5.00 price limit, and you have to make it yourself. It can be something about their job (a professional award) or about their personality (personal award). You can be as serious or as cheesy as you want. You obviously can't pick on anyone in a mean way, and you're supposed to stay away from inside jokes, but otherwise, it's all up to you!

One of my closest friends at work picked me, and she could not have made me a better award! (And I'm not saying that because it was an award for me, but because of what the actual award was!)

Um, yea. I'M KEEPING IT!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER AND EVER! It's on my desk right now, because I spend more hours awake at work then at home. I will only move it if I am told it can't be up there anymore! Thanks, Heather!! :-)

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