Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My birthday isn’t over yet!

Apparently, it’s going to become a 25th Birthday week! Justin had a few plans for Monday as a surprise that he didn’t get the chance to “execute”, and he’s really disappointed he didn’t get to fully surprise me! So he decided to make it my birthday week!

I do know that he is going to take me to Ruby Tuesday for dinner Thursday night. Since I ate with my parents on Monday, he didn’t get to take me out on my actual birthday. He was dog-sitting Bailey while I was at dinner (and doing the birthday “surprises”) and didn’t realize he left some chocolate out on the counter, a little too close to the edge. When he came around the corner, he saw Bailey standing over the little box, licking his chops. He had eaten all 3 pieces. Justin was horrified that Bailey would be keeling over in pain, or going bezerk at any minute, so when I got home, he told me he wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving Bailey alone until he knew he was ok (bless his heart)!

Also, my wonderful team at work got me a really nice Dallas Stars hat and a travel Dallas Stars coffee mug! According to one of my co-workers, it’s virtually impossible to find any Dallas Stars memorabilia in the Colorado Springs area. (I could have told them that!) But, they haven’t gotten them in the mail yet, and it’s expected to arrive next Monday. So whoever’s house they mailed it to will bring it in on Tuesday! I’m pretty pumped…they look really cool! Matt, one of the Training Managers, printed out pictures of my gift, and presented it to me in a card:

On a non-birthday related note, I kind of started a blog for Bailey! It would be just a little bit here and there about fun things he does. I follow a few blogs like that, and it’s just so cute! They’re free to open, so there’s no harm done. Unless, of course, you don’t want to have to read a completely separate blog! Then this blog can be about “me” (since most of the blogs are anyway) and that one can have pictures of him! But it’s just a thought…I’m not sure if ultimately I’d want to have that extra “work”. It gave me a chance to create a new header and find a new site design for this blog, and that is exciting for me to think about!!

You can find it if you View My Profile, and there’s a section for blogs I “manage” – this one and Bailey’s! Or copy and paste this address: I chose that for a few reasons – 1. Bailey Monster was taken (hehe) and he does tend to have many misconceptions about the “people world” all the time (for example, when I put my coat on and am getting ready to go shopping or something, he thinks that he’s going to the park, and runs around the apartment like a banshee).

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