Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday Sparkles!

I had a GREAT birthday!! I really happen to be surrounded by people that want to make me happy and enjoy seeing me happy. It all started off at work...

This is how my office looked when I came in...sparkles everywhere!
I had a banner taped to the front of my desk!

These little shiny stars were EVERYWHERE!! People were tracking these all through the hallway...even into the bathroom!

All of the handles on all my cabinets had curly ribbons.

The other angle of my office, with stars and balloons!

My boss brought me my favorite Starbucks - Raspberry Mocha!!

The stars even made it on my keyboard!

Messing around with my shiny stars!


Dinner at the Sunbird Restaurant, overlooking the Springs!
Another view of the city!

I got my favorite flowers from my mom, and Justin! I love tulips!!!

And Justin knew I liked flowers, so he got me a kit where I could grow my own!
And apparently it's not even done yet! My parents took me to dinner tonight, and Justin is taking me to dinner tomorrow!!! I LOVE my 25th birthday, and it was just amazing.
And to top it all off, Justin is willing to watch MAMA MIA with me tonight!!! :-) Gotta run!

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