Sunday, March 8, 2009


Normally I would put this on Bailey's blog (which can be found by clicking here), but I had such a great time, and technically it was a day in my life as well. Enjoy our afternoon at the dog park!

Today was a day of Weims! Normally I can go a few weeks without seeing other Weims at the park, but sometimes when it rains, it pours! Today we saw at least 6 other Weims, and I just happened to have my camera, so I got some pretty memorable moments on film!

So I take out my camera for my first shot, and Bailey knew exactly what it was!

We first ran into 2 young ladies (1 was about 2 years old and the other was around 7) who Bailey wanted to check out. Of course he basically dwarfed them - and their owner was so surprised to see a Weim so big that he took out his camera to film Bailey!!

Everytime we go, Bailey always abandons me and finds alternative "mommys" to adopt him. Whether they want to or not. Here he is with his first choice of a new "mommy" - playing with his favorite thing...a stick.

So if that wasn't enough, Bailey spots a poor, innocent child who was collecting sticks and decides, hey! I want that big one! So he steals it from him. After the kid finally stops freaking out because Bailey is about 80 lbs bigger than him, Bailey takes over. (that's the kid in the background. He really wanted his stick back!)

Once he steals the stick, a Golden Retriever in the area approached and starting playing Bailey's 2 all time favorite games - Keep Away, and then when you finally get a hold of the stick, Tug of War. It was so adorable!!!

Then after he got a few laughs from other dog owners, some more Weims showed up! This time we got to see a "Blue" one! Here he is with more of his new friends, both human and canine! You can see him with his second adopted "mommy".

And then we make it home after a few more errands, and this is how he spent the rest of his afternoon...

He's living the life, isn't he? :-)

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