Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Premature Spring Cleaning

Even though it's March in Colorado Springs, it has snowed twice in the last week. So it's hard to get the Spring Cleaning bug. However, the apartment was getting messy fast. Mostly clutter, but it was things that don't seem like clutter at the beginning, and they tend to add up to a lot!

But now, after 2 hours of putting the nose to the grindstone...The apartment is finally clean!!
Well, mostly. I didn't take a picture the other way. :-) The bedroom and closets are tomorrow night.
But I feel 99% better each time I walk through the front door! And I'm out in the living room more anyway.
I'm also looking forward this weekend, because Justin and I are going up to 11 Mile on Saturday. He's going fishing, and I'm tagging along with one of my Spring Reading List books, and we'll spend a nice day outdoors catching up on things we love! (That is, if the weather cooperates!)

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