Monday, March 2, 2009

The Weekend

What can I say. Today was Monday. Friday night was a work "party" of the Training Managers (Matt) had invited a few people over for some drinks and food. His wife is an AMAZING cook and made a ton of things from scratch. Justin and I got to talking with them, and even though everyone else left around 10, we ended up talking with them until 12 or 12:30 am! And then she packed up some of their food and sent it home with us!! They just had so much food left over, she wouldn't let us leave until we took about 5 or 6 plates!! It was AWESOME!

Saturday was spent sleeping in and then taking Bailey to the dog park. I was there for at least an hour and I love those trips ... because when we get home he takes a nap for at least 2 or 3 hours. I'm starting to think he's out of shape. Either that or since he's just over a year old that all of the smells, and sounds, and sights, and other dogs just tend to overload him. Half the time he can't even make it all the way home in the car before he passes out. It's freaking cute!

Then the rest of the day and Sunday were lazy days. I did get Bailey back to the dog park on Sunday for another hour, but I really enjoy going there. Not just for him, but also because I enjoy seeing him have so much fun and I love seeing all the other dogs! I can't wait for next weekend when I can go back during the day when the weather is great! During the week, I can't really take him after work because I get home around 4:15 and the sun starts to go down at 5. And I don't get to the park until at least 4:30. and I don't feel that 30 minutes is enough!

So, if you aren't jealous yet, here's a picture of my favorite dog park in the area to take Bailey to. Bear Creek Dog Park!!

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