Thursday, March 26, 2009

State of Emergency

Colorado Springs has been issued a state of emergency because of our annual Kick-Off to Spring Blizzard. (That's an unofficial title, by the way). But it happens every year...we get the one last BIG storm before the weather generally improves. So we're homebound this evening, and Justin is even grilling some steaks and shish-ke-bobs!

In the attempt to pass the time, I'm actually working on my Spring reading list. I'm still in the middle of "Rubicon", but I am on the last chapter, and the Republic is about to fall!!! Well, we already know that, but it's still interesting! Anyway, I brought it to work today to read some at lunch, and....definately left it in my desk. I'd hate to start on another book when I'm in the middle of or almost done with another one. But I've got that reading "itch". Especially since I'm home bound.

But, I've got a long night ahead of me. A new My Name is Earl (which is a seperate post in and of itself - I'm hooked!), a new Office and a new 30 Rock! So I'll be occupied until 9 pm or so. That just means I'll have plenty of post-Thursday night line-up reading, and if the storm gets worse and it doesn't look like I'll be going into work, then I will have a lot of time to read tomorrow as well!

Hope all you fellow Coloradans are keeping warm and safe at home!!

I hope to post pictures when I can find my stupid camera cord!

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