Monday, October 12, 2009


I think it would be fun to do a blog “theme” or two. That way I can interact with people who may read my blog, and maybe attract more people to follow! So, general poll:

Would you be interested in or willing to comment/follow my blog if I had something like:
  • One day a week, I shared about a book I was reading, gave a recommendation, or asked for reading suggestions?
  • One day a week, I shared a recipe, or asked for suggestions/if you made it, did you like it?
  • One day a week, I mentioned a wish or random thought or observation, and asked for opinions or responses?
  • One day a week, I posted my favorite picture of the week (whether I took it or found it), and asked for thoughts the picture may “stir up” for you? Or for you to share a picture similar, etc.?

I want at least 5 comments posted before I decide!! Please help! I’ll also take any other suggestions, if you think I may already have a very light theme in my previous posts, that I could bring more to light. I thought about doing a “doggie theme” one day a week, but that would limit the people who could respond, and I talk about Bailey all the time anyway, so that might be difficult.

Let me know! So, comment and make sure you sign up to follow my blog! Thanks!!


John said...

I like the pictures that you take. Your pictures are a window into your soul.

Krista said...

I like all of the ideas except for the book one because I don't have any extra time to read a book right now. Your pictures are great, wishes are fun, a recipe might be a good idea and I can then cook for my husband for once instead of the other way around...