Thursday, October 15, 2009

New idea...

Since I only had 2 comments on my last post, and only 1 new follower, I shouldn't be indulging my new idea (because I said I needed at least 5 comments!) but I had a great idea as to what my one "theme day" could be...

I scrapbook, but not as much as I'd like. I was working on one page the other night, and brought one completed album to work to show other "dog moms". I thought - hey I really enjoy scrapbooking and I also enjoy sharing this with other people! I'm definitely no expert, and I'm limited budget-wise, so I have to get creative, but I have a great time doing it, and I least I feel that I'm doing a good job! (So don't burst my bubble! :o)

So, my idea was to pick one day (probably Saturday or Sunday) to update with photos of the progress of pages I'm currently working on, or something I've completed. Or, share some photos and ideas on how I'd like to add it to my never-ending album.

Here are some pictures of pages I've made so far:

I also started thinking, if people liked this, and I got a little better, I might be able to make some money doing something I love. People are always telling me that they used to scrapbook, or wish they could, or bought all the materials but then never got around to it. I would love to help them put it together, and I wouldn't charge much. Then they would be happy that they had a nice scrapbook of their memories put together for them!
Now, how to get started on that without peddling myself or feeling like I'm asking people to just give me money out of the blue. Maybe I'm not meant to start my own business!
But, is the idea worth it? Would you read it? Any scrapbookers out there that would start following or sharing ideas/comments? Should I start "Scrapbooking Saturday"? Help!

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