Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bring on the cold!

So it's Saturday night, and I just wanted to share a few of the great Fall things I'm enjoying:

  • Today's high = 57 degrees. Currently = 51 degrees. Expected low = 38 degrees.

  • Windows open, fire raging!

  • Bratwurst cooked on the grill, with college football on in the background (Miami beating OU currently...may change by the end of this post!)
  • Fall flower bouquet from the store with a cute pumpkin candle holder - gotta love fall decorations!
  • And a nice warm doggie next to me on the couch! (That is, when he's not walking around the corner to the window in the bedroom that overlooks the parking lot so he can scope out what's going on)

I can't wait for winter! I'm one of those weird people that wakes up every day just wishing it would snow. Most people around here dread fall and winter, and keep saying they'd like it to stay warmer just a little bit longer. I say - bring on the cold, bright days and the freezing, cozy nights! Being cold just gives you the opportunity to wrap up and cuddle and be cozy inside and when you're outside, you get the best scenery in the winter months!

Imagine - sitting in a big cozy char, in peace and quiet, or with some nice music going, maybe Harry Connick , Jr. You're holding a warm cup of coffee, reading a good book, with a dog napping nearby and a warm fire going. Outside the window, snow is just starting to cover the ground in a layer of soft, white sparkles, and you have no other plans for today.

Doesn't that sound nice? Who wouldn't like fall or winter after that?

Oh, and I'm also currently enjoying pumpkin ice cream!!

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Sagira said...

Fall is my favorite time as well. Not wishing for snow though, that can stay away. :)