Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Decorations

I am slowly adding to my home decor week by week, and this week it was more than normal because I had a 20% discount coupon to a local store (like a Kohl's or Ross or TJMaxx). Plus, Justin was looking for a nice, affordable coffee table, so we went several places that would have many nice home decorations.
But the one thing I was really looking for was a wreath of some kind for the front door that was autumn themed. Unfortunately, all of the ones I found were either too expensive (I was looking for around 20 bucks, not 40) or were too big for the door (I mean, come on, I live in an apartment!).

Finally, I went to this store, Gordman's with my coupon, expecting to at least find something that was affordable or was affordable after my discount. Right off the bat, I found this really cute door hanging, but wasn't totally sold on it yet, because I was looking for a wreath.

But, I didn't want anyone else to buy it in the meantime, so I carried it around with me. I wasn't totally happy with any other door displays, so I ended up buying this one (as you can see!) and I'm very happy with my purchase! It is a wreath, but not a full out decorated one. And I think I like the fact that it's a simple wreath, but with nice decor attached to it.

Not to mention, it SPARKLES!!!

And I can leave this up for many months, since there's no specific holiday theme (which is what I was looking for) since it's just pumpkins! So, Happy Fall, Ya'll!

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