Monday, October 12, 2009

Cozy Weekend Update

I’ve been having a deep desire to be “cozy” recently. There’s just something about being home when it’s cold, putting on the PJ’s and curling up with hot coffee. I must admit, I didn’t really read any of my books this weekend, and I’m actually disappointed in that. I think if I blogged on my “progress” on the books, that I’d be better at holding myself accountable for reading them. But I digress.

We currently have a large group staying at the hotel, and though they don’t do it often, the managers at the hotel asked those of us in administrative positions to help in the operation over the weekend, since they would be very busy. So I was supposed to work at our outdoor pool from 7:30 am – 3 pm Saturday. But, guests don’t really like swimming outdoors in 19 degree weather with freezing rain falling down at high speeds apparently, so they closed the pool officially Friday night when the ice storm started. I knew before I went to bed that I didn’t have to get up early so that was awesome!

Saturday – I was able to sleep in, which is great, because I was supposed to work all day! So, I got up around 10 am or so, while Justin slept later (curled up with Bailey, by the way – so sweet!) and made myself a nice breakfast of toast with jelly, bacon and an egg sunny-side up! Then as the day went on, I watched a Hindi movie and really was just a couch potato all afternoon. (Hey – it was sleeting outside! The dog park was out of the question.) Instead of reading, I’ve been watching a lot more of my Hindi movies lately. I recently got the urge to watch my movies, or to find one or two new ones. They just put me in a good mood! I decided to watch one movie Friday night that I just haven’t seen in a while, “No Entry”, and then I downloaded new movies that sounded really good. Saturday morning I watched “Kambakkht Ishq” (that has my favorite male actor as the lead).

I ended up really enjoying it, and the songs were fun too! I did have to go in to work around 5 pm, to help direct guests to late meetings and dinners, but fortunately only had to stay for about an hour and a half, and came right home. Justin and I looked around for some firewood, but everywhere was sold out, because it had been sleeting all day, and was freezing. Bummer – but at least I had my blanket and my big dog to keep me warm!

Sunday – Again, I was supposed to work at our outdoor pool, but it was still only expected to hit the high 30’s or low 40’s, so we found out Saturday night that the pool was closed again. I got to sleep in again - sweet! I watched the other movie I downloaded, “Kuch Naa Kaho” (with my favorite female actress in the lead), and loved that one too!

I worked again Sunday night, just directing more guests, and made it home in time for the Rockies/Phillies Game 3. I started to watch another movie, “Shabd”, with the same lead actress, but that stopped 30 minutes in, as Justin asked me to watch the game with him, until the very end. I’ll have to watch my final movie tonight then. But it was a pretty close game – so I’m glad I didn’t miss it! Go Phils! (I have to say that now, hehe…) The game didn’t end until 12:45 am or so, so needless to say, I’m exhausted this morning. I wish my lunch was long enough to take a nap, but it’s only an hour, and that involves a least 20 minutes of driving round trip.

On a high note, the pool was closed AGAIN today, and tomorrow, so I get to spend time inside, warm at my desk. And I didn't have to work at the pool at all! I do know that I have to come in at 6:15 am to direct more guests, rain or shine, so no 1 am bedtime for me tonight!!

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