Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter Thoughts

Prompt: What do you think or feel when you walk through freshly fallen snow?

Each time, when possible, I like to walk through the snow in silence. Especially if it's still snowing.
Everything is quiet. The snow is on the ground, soft and sparkling. I love hearing the crunch of the snow under my feet. And it's almost like I get to walk where no one else has walked. That's just me, making those markings.

Everthing is perfect. I love to walk in the snow, but I also like to walk in as few places as possible. The snow is just perfectly flat and even and it hasn't been disturbed. It's actually calming to look over a large field of fresh snow and see it untouched and perfect. It looks like velvet that I could run my hands over, but I wouldn't, because I would ruin it.

Fresh snow just gives off an essense of contemplation. I just want to be still when I see fresh snow. It's like, if I move or walk or talk, it will ruin the moment and it won't be the same as it was 5 seconds earlier.

I just like to walk, slowly, step by step, through the fresh, perfect snow and listen to it crunch, crunch, crunch, while breathing in the sharp, cold air. I actually feel most alive, and happy to be alive, when I'm walking through the snow.

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