Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pretty interesting day...

So I took Bailey into the vet today to get his toenail checked on - a while back he split one of his toenails all the way open. Then, they didn't think it needed to be removed, so they told me to keep an eye on it.

I thought he was doing pretty well, so I thought today would be a fast and good checkup.

They came out and told me that as soon as the vet touched his foot, it oozed some puss. So they were draining it to see if they could look at the infection better.

Then, probably 20 minutes later he came out with a nub where his foot used to be. NO - they didn't amputate! But as it turns out, they just broke off his entire nail because it was just dead. Then they bandaged up his foot, sent me home with a couple different prescriptions for antibiotics and anti-inflamitories ($$$$$$$$$$) and said to bring him back on Tuesday for a check-up and to get rebandaged. Nice.

My poor puppy!! He's actually doing really well and it doesn't seem that the bandages bother him at all - he hasn't licked at it or tried to get it off. So I guess that's a good sign...more to come on Tuesday!!

(And no pictures because, as you can imagine, it's disgusting!!!)

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