Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More puppy love

Even though he's not mine, I just can't get enough! And...he finally has a name!!


Here's Bailey playing with him at my parent's house - he was so sweet and actually brought Cody toys!

And in typical Weim fashion (those who own one know what I'm talking about), he's already sitting like a person at 3 months!!
I puppy-sat for my parents on Sunday night while they went out for dinner. They didn't want him to sleep the entire time they were gone, so it was my job to keep him awake for 2 hours straight so he would sleep the whole night. It worked! My parents even brought him over with his toys to keep him occupied...they bought him little plastic keys, like what you get for babies!
Bailey wasn't too sure about Cody being in his "territory" - my apartment, but he did play with him occasionally. I swear he isn't being mean in this shot...

Bailey checked Cody out everytime he came near him - here he is deeming if Cody is worthy of sharing his water bowl.

Cody did have one accident inside, but I caught it as it was coming out so after shouting "NO" and immeadiately picking him up and running outside, he was fine the rest of the night. I hope he got the point!

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Sagira said...

Eyes are so blue they almost look purple. SO cute!