Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Update

So I had a great weekend. I didn't really do anything, but I still feel like I had a productive weekend. Justin was going fishing early Saturday morning, so I had all day to myself with the 3 dogs. I mostly kept them entertained around the house, and they alternated chasing each other with taking a 2 hour nap. Easy enough. I stayed over at the house with the dogs since he would be getting up t 5:30 am. No thank you.

Turns out the water was about 15 degrees and they didn't bring their "cold gear", so they didn't go fishing, but Justin had every intention of going on Sunday, so I knew I'd have another day all to myself. I ended Saturday night watching tv in my parent's basement with the dogs and staying there again. When I say "with the dogs", I mean that I watched tv and they did this:

So cute!! So Sunday morning was a nice, quiet morning at the house spending some fun time with the dogs. I wanted to pick up the house since my parents were coming home tonight. And I also had a weird urge to make some cookies from scratch! I'm a regular Martha Stewart these days! Homemade Chicken Divan, stirfry twice last week, onion rings from scratch, and cookies...I'm on a roll!!

Of course the dogs were right there with me, but they weren't doing what you might expect - no begging for food, just sleeping.

I think Bailey and Baxter really "bonded" this week - Cody was at the vet during the week so he could be let out several times a day, so I only had Baxter at night. He stayed at the apartment each night, and somehow both of them ended up in bed with me when I woke up in the morning! They love cuddling...Best buds!!

Had to share this one of Cody - he was chewing on this toy, and fell asleep mid-chew!

And even though I hadn't really done anything strenuous today, I was still feeling too tired to cook, but didn't want to take the easy way out and get pizza. And I wanted something easy. So I made my first Weight Watchers meal!
It's a chicken wrap with some Asian sauce to give it taste, but not a lot of calories. And it was really good, and surprisingly filling. I had it around 6:30, and it's now 10:15, and I'm not hungry. That's unusual for me, since this late is when I normally start getting snack cravings. I think I can really do this!!

So the Weight Watchers meetings start on Thursday, and those meetings will help me hold my eating habits accountable. It's so easy when you do things like diet alone to reason or rationalize why you can have one more serving, one more bite, one more cookie. But when you have to write it down or share it honestly with someone, it makes it a tiny bit easier to put the fork down! I'm actually sitting next to a big box of the cookies I made, and part of my mind is saying "Oh those were so good, I should just have one or two for that really good taste". But the other part of my mind, the one that's now developing a friendship with my stomach/hunger is saying "but you're not hungry. Why have a cookie?"
And I actually feel very good about not having a cookie. Makes me proud of myself. It may sound small, but it's a big step for me. And I haven't even started the program yet!! I'm feeling good about this....check back for updates!

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Sagira said...

Wow, those cookies sure look good and all the Weim snuggles are just too much. So darn cute!