Sunday, January 24, 2010


The past few weeks have been really interesting with a lot of home cooking going on! I've been doing really well with cooking Weight Watchers meals and sticking to the idea of smaller portions. The funny thing is - I haven't had my first meeting yet, so I don't know how many points a day I'm supposed to have, but I still feel good about the meals I'm making and eating. I feel like I can do this!!

So here's a peak into the meals I've been having...very yummy!

Chicken and shrimp stir fry...

Justin is cutting up garlic in this photo for another stir fry recipe that we tried...

This is the first "official" WW meal I made, a chicken good I made it twice!

Found a great chicken casserole recipe. We ended up having it for lunch the next 2 days!

I don't really like how I look in this one, but I'm on the way to looking better and feeling better about myself! I'm making a side dish of broccoli to a WW meal my mom made and I reheated.

Justin wanted stir fry again, so since it wasn't a WW recepie, I made sure to give myself a small bowl and small portion, and shockingly enough for me - I was full! This is great!

Then tonight, I made a chicken cous cous with veggies salad, and a side of broccoli. It turned out really well! And there was enough left over that I can have it as a small snack tomorrow if I'm hungry.

Whew. Those were some good meals! The healthy stuff can be I may have to do a WW meal only once or twice a week and just be smart with the "regular" stuff. But I'm feelin' good!

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Sagira said...

Making us hungry...yum!