Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Go Phillies (and Rockies?)

The Rockies Home Opener is next Friday, April 10th, and they play the Philadelphia Phillies! I was never really into baseball until I watched the World Series 2008 with Justin. He’s from South New Jersey, so he’s a diehard Phillies fan. And when I say diehard, I mean even worse that my love for the Stars and Avalanche over the past 10 years combined into every game he watches.

So needless to say, I watched every minute of every single game, and I got into it. He also bought an MLB game for Wii that he now plays all the time (whenever I’m not playing Lego Star Wars) and now I’m familiar with all the players and their names. And I really enjoy it!

We really wanted to go see the Phillies play, and I’m a Rockies fan as well. And hey – it’s opening weekend! He mostly wanted to go because how often to you get to see your home team play in person when you live in another state? We were unable to get tickets to the actual opening day (those things are expensive!) but got tickets to Saturdays game, so we could spend Saturday morning to drive up to Denver. Since it’s a night game, and we’d be in Denver, we thought it would also be fun to stay in a nice hotel overnight to avoid driving back so late, and got a SUPER great deal! That way, after the game, we can go out in Downtown Denver and then we just walk a block or two and that’s it.

And then – one of Justin’s best friends, Greg, from New Hope, PA will be flying in next Friday and will be going to the game with us! He was planning on coming down to visit him in the next few months anyway, and Justin encouraged him to come sooner and to go with us to the game! (Even though he can see the Phillies whenever, because he lives up there, this is still a good excuse to visit). Greg hopped online last night and bought tickets, and will be arriving in Colorado Springs Friday afternoon (which is GREAT – because I already drove all the way to Denver to pick up Justin, so it’s nice that I only have to take a 10 minute drive to the COS airport). Justin wanted to get a Phillies shirt, as do I, and since he knew that we lived in “Rockies-town” and that would be hard to find, Greg offered to pick up some shirts and bring them down here for us! Justin was able to get a half day off from work and I was able to get the whole day off to go pick him up together and show him around town before the game starts at 2:15.

And if that wasn’t enough (oh yea, there’s more) – he was so pumped to be coming out here to visit Justin AND go to the game, that he bought us 3 more tickets for the game on Sunday too!!! So we’ll be sitting club level on Saturday thanks to my bank, Wells Fargo, who sell the tickets half price, and we’ll be sitting club level on Sunday thanks to Greg! It works out perfectly because the game on Sunday is at 1 pm, and Greg’s flight back home is going out of Denver around 7 pm, so we’ll either make it perfectly or early to the airport since we’re right there.

I’m pretty siked!!! But…I still can’t find my camera cord, and I’m definitely going to want some pictures. So if I can’t find it by Saturday, my weekend will be spent at electronics stores to find one!

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