Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Camping Postponed

Justin and I will have been dating for 1 year (I know – hard to believe it’s already been a year) on Thursday, April 30th. That was the first night we hung out and met up outside of work – he invited me to his hockey game. In order to “celebrate” that, we thought it would be fun to go camping as our “gift” to each other. Among buying materials and planning, we figured it would equal out to how much we’d spend on a gift or dinner or something similar. So we were planning on going this weekend from Friday through Sunday.

However, it would appear that we will be canceling our camping trip this weekend and will be postponing it until a later weekend. There are several reasons:

- weather reports call for rain on Saturday, through Sunday morning, in the area we’d like to camp
- most camp sites that take pre-registrations for a site are booked, and those that are “first come first serve” will not work for us because we can not get out of work early enough on Friday to be “first”
- some campsites don’t allow dogs, and I’m DEFINITELY bringing my little “monster” with me. I wonder if those sites allow horses, and I could just say he was a pony if I get caught? (Haha…)
- we still need a tent, tarp, supplies, etc, and would like more time to look into buying/borrowing things
- this gives us more of an advance notice at work if we’d like to ask for a full day or half day off on the Friday we go
- my dad and mom will be out of town this weekend, and I have offered to dog-sit so they don’t have to pay to have him kenneled or keep him in a kennel all weekend

I’m a little bummed, because although it was a week out, it was definitely something spontaneous and we would have spent all week rushing around planning and packing and probably would have had fun. BUT . . . this way allows for MORE time for planning/looking into things to make sure that it’s the camping trip we wanted all the way around! We’ll get to pick a better campsite, the weather may be better, the tent we use may be better quality, etc. Plus, if we wanted to go Memorial Day weekend, we would have plenty of time to reserve a site and plan for that, and how much fun would THAT be?

So my dreams of camping with my new dog will be coming true … just slowly. But they will happen, if we have to camp out in my parents backyard to do it!

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