Monday, April 13, 2009


No one can imagine how much walking I did this weekend. I simply can not walk today; my legs are so sore. Not to mention my abs, and my arms, and I’m pretty sure I konked my head getting in or out of a car on Saturday and it still hurts. While it was nice to park the car at the hotel and not having to worry about driving anywhere, I definitely underestimated how much walking we would do. Then add in the fact that none of us really knew where we were going, and then add in some drinks (hey – we’re all adults) and it makes it just a little bit fuzzier to get around a strange town. When you walk 6 blocks in one direction, only to realize you meant to go 6 in the OTHER direction, you end up walking about 12 blocks extra to get back where you wanted to be in the first place. That’s an extra 12 blocks too many. And that eventually adds up, especially over a 24 hour period. Thank goodness for BlackBerrys with GPS and cabs!

Justin also has a friend from high school who lives in Denver, and that guy’s brother also lives there, so of course we walked from Coors Field to see their apartments downtown after the game. That added some unaccounted for walking. But it was pretty swanky!

However, I wouldn’t trade this weekend for anything! I did a lot of things I wouldn’t normally get to do on my own, and I laughed the entire time! It’s almost like I wonder how different it would have been if Justin’s friend hadn’t traveled down, or if it was a girls only weekend or something. Definitely still fun, but it would probably be a whole different experience.
So check out some of the awesome pictures below, and you’ll notice how I’m not in most of them, since I was in charge of the camera!

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