Monday, April 27, 2009

Camping anyone?

It’s starting to get warm here, and not to get ahead of myself, but Justin and I are in the middle of planning a camping trip this weekend with his parents!!! Normally, Colorado Springs weather tricks you into thinking it’s ready for Spring and Summer for a week or two and then out of nowhere you get 8 or 9 blizzards. And usually on the weekend. But…I want to go, and I want to take Bailey!

Anyone who’s met him knows he has been quite the, uh, handful. But, over the past year he’s grown up mentally *and obviously physically* and now follows verbal and hand commands easier. He’s amazing off the leash, in regards to coming when called, and he always stops to make sure I’m still there behind him. It’s like he’s saying “hurry up, Mommy!” When he runs ahead and then stops to turn around and look at me, I say to him “I’m coming! Wait for me!”. It’s actually pretty funny, that instead of using the words “stop” or “heel”, I just say “WAIT” and he will stop and wait for me. Or at least slow down.

My earliest concern about taking him camping when I had him last year was that he wouldn’t do well cooped up in a tent. Which was true. However, in camping and especially when it’s warm, he will spend the majority of the time running around in the mountains and woods. And I know *obviously first hand* that after he’s had a lot of physical activity and mental stimulation, that when we get home, he crashes. As long as he can cuddle with me or lay on something fluffy or comfy, he will be fine.

And if we have to stay in the tent for some reason, I feel he’d do fine with that too. I live a pretty slow paced *some would say lazy* lifestyle, and while I take him to the dog park often, I don’t really do much at home. So he’s adjusted to that. If he’s got a bone or toy to chew on, he normally just sits at my feet and entertains himself.

I’m ready to take my Bailey Monster camping. I will definitely post any progress on the planning of the first camping trip of the season! Justin and I are going to Woodland Park tonight to eat dinner with his parents (tacos - mmmm) and plan all the details!

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