Monday, January 19, 2009

What Are The Odds?

So I decide to take Bailey to a smaller, less frequented dog park, about a block from my apartment this weekend. This one is a significantly smaller fenced in park, that doesn’t have any bells or whistles, and because of that, it’s not usually very busy. But Bailey can run “free” without me having to worry about him running away, and at 103 pounds, that’s a plus.

We went on Saturday, roughly around lunchtime. So I’m there for only 5-10 minutes, and off in the distance, I see a couple walking towards the park. They just “happened” to have a Blue Weimaraner with them!! What are the odds of choosing to go to the park when I did, and run into another Weimaraner, and on top of that, one with a very rare color!!! (This pic I found online shows how dark the coat is. The regular coat is on the left, and the Blue is on the right. It has more of a “blue” hue if you happen to see one in person). If you compare it to a pic of Bailey I’ve posted, Weims are usually a brownish or silverish gray.

I left that day thinking, “How cool was that? I NEVER see Weims at the dog park!”. It was such a nice weekend actually, so I thought I’d take Bailey back around the same time on Sunday. As I’m walking up, I see a few dogs running around, and I’m pleased that Bailey will again have someone to play with. And all of a sudden, there’s another Weim! And it was a different one than the one I saw Saturday! Now, what are the odds of that?! I hardly ever see Weims, and to see 2 different ones in 1 weekend??!!!? Pretty cool, and definitely a high point of my weekend.

Other than that, I spent Friday night playing hours worth of Guitar Hero World Tour on Justin’s Wii. I know, I can see everyone grasping their hands to their chests with their jaws dropped. Me? Playing Guitar Hero?? It’s actually more fun than I thought! I’m only on the Easy level, and I play the Bass part, so I’m no expert yet. Justin plays the lead guitar usually, and I have to say he’s definitely better than me. But then again, he has been playing longer than I have. We ended up playing some more on Sunday as well. We’ve even started a band! It’s pretty freakin’ addicting, I’ll have to admit.

And then Sunday was spent watching the playoffs, and enjoying homemade chili, in my very own Crock Pot! We got big loaves of bread from the grocery store, cut out a chunk from the middle, and then went to town enjoying our Chili Bread Bowls! I’ll be eating leftover chili for a week! Yummy!

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