Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wonderful Sunday

I had a really great Sunday!! And I mean, the best one I've had in a while. But that was mostly because of all the snow!!

My car was COVERED when I took Bailey out for the first time...

There was no one else outside, and Bailey is great off the leash, so I gave him a treat! He had his cute little Orvis sweater on to keep him warm!

Such handsome little man!
After we got inside, he disappeared. Here is where I found him.

Here's the view from the balcony. There used to be mountains there.

Bailey at the dog park! We weren't the only crazy people who went!

Bailey with his favorite thing - a stick!! He will not ever give up a stick!

Here's a good example of what happens when he has a stick!

I worked on some crafts for Christmas presents...

Bailey was apparently tired as I folded my laundry - he clearly had a long day!

Watched some Saturday Night Live On Demand - I am just NOT a fan of Taylor Swift. Yuck.

All in all - it was a great Sunday!! I did everything I wanted, and everything I did, I enjoyed!! Hope you had a great weekend as well!

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Sagira said...

Brr...too soon for winter.