Saturday, February 27, 2010


I always hate that every time I have a million things to do there's a marathon of one of my favorite shows on tv. Today I wanted to do the dishes, clean the apartment, work out a little bit, buy a new book at Borders, read it, go shopping with my mom (for new clothes - yay!), and who knows what else. But alas - there's a Psych marathon on USA. Fortunately for me, it's on the last episode of the marathon, so I can finally get some work done!

For those of you who have never seen it, you MUST check it out - here. It's a great comedy where the lead (played by James Roday) has great observation skills but pretends that he's a Psychic. It's freakin' awesome. Totally full of one liners and keeps me laughing the entire time. I love the actors too...I like to think they act like that in real life!

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