Monday, February 15, 2010

Goal Check-In

Just a quick accountability note...

I'm still trying to eat healthy, but had a few meals over the weekend that didn't have points and I had to "guess". Now, I tried to guess high points, but I have a sneaky feeling that I guessed too low. So I have to be extra good this week. Going to Panera Bread tomorrow for lunch with my dad will be tough - I will need to stick to a nice, light salad, and be sure to have chicken or something on it, but be careful of the dressings and little things added on.

Goal update from last week:
- continue tracking points: I'm still all over it! Haven't missed a thing!
- Lose at least 2 pounds: Didn't make it to two pounds, but I did have a loss. At least it wasn't a gain!
- Try to eat more fruit: Unfortunately, I did not meet this goal. I had some fruit last Monday, but that was only because we had leftovers from a parfait making party from Friday. Fruit is just too darn expensive and goes bad too quickly! Enough excuses..I should at least look for deals.
- Try not to "cheat" and look at my weight before Thursday's weigh in: I'm proud to say that from last Monday on I didn't check! It made me a little disappointed at the weigh in on Thursday though that I didn't reach my 2 point goal though. I keep thinking if only I had looked I could have worked harder and at least lose an extra pound or 2.

Goals for this week:
- Lose 2 pounds: I definitely want to hit this goal, so I'm pushing it into this week!
- Work out 3 seperate times before next Monday: If I want to hit my 2 pound goal, other than continuing to eat properly, I need to also burn calories that are coming in! I haven't fit in any working out so far on this program and I feel that it's time to start.
- Take the stairs up to my office: This is huge. I work 4 flights of stairs up from where I park. And I HATE taking stairs! If I can do it from Tuesday-Friday, then I've met my goal!

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Sagira said...

Keep up the good work!