Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where, oh where, has my creativity gone?

I have been feeling nostalgic for a little while, and decided to go through my old blogs. Now, granted, it hasn't been a full year yet, but it's still interesting to look back. I noticed that in my first few months, I was coming up with creative images and thoughtful stories. Even if I didn't have anything too interesting that day, I at least took time to give a little laugh (so I'd hope), with stories about no coffee. I had "creative moments" firing all day.

What happened?

My more recent blogs haven't had anything interesting at all. A co-worker has told me multiple times that I'm a great story teller, and I can make even the simplest stories entertaining and funny. But it hasn't translated into my blog, which is "writing" for me, and I've always taken pride in how I can tell stories in writen form.

So, I vow to make myself proud and to be more creative! I believe part of the way I can bring that around is by reading more, and GOSH DARNIT I will read more!! Justin is going out of town in about 2 more weeks for a whole week this time. I just read my blog from the last time he went on vacation and I had a hard time filling a weekend. So I know for sure that a week will give me plenty of time to catch up on reading - no excuses!!

And in a totally random burst of creativity, and a previous blog post on travel, here's an amazing parting shot. I wish I could be there right now.

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