Saturday, June 27, 2009


Saturdays truly are a wonderful invention.

Mine started off by sleeping in until 8 am (trust me - that's sleeping in for me). Bailey didn't actually wake me up this time - I just woke up right around that time and couldn't go back to sleep. So I was able to wander into the kitchen to make pankcakes and enjoy CMT's Top 20 Videos! It's becoming a weird Saturday morning tradition, but the music is great and I enjoy seeing what they can do with the videos.

Then I finally got a huge chunk of time to pick up the apartment. Dishes were done, and then I got distracted. Oops! They shouldn't show movies on TBS when I need to pick up! And, what's a Saturday cleaning without a Taco Bell lunch break? I got their new chicken taco salad, thinking "oh this will be interesting"- it was AWESOME! It of course didn't look anything like it did in the picture, but it was good and and I would get it again.

The morning was slightly sunny, but some storm clouds were hanging around. I wanted to take Bailey the dog park, but the rain finally caught up to the clouds. Which stinks, because he came back from camping with a cough and he's finally better and I wanted to take him out.

But hopefully Sunday will be sunnier and I can get outside!

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