Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's Moving Time!

I feel like I’m going from nothing happening last week to a VERY crammed and busy 2 weeks ahead of me! I’ll be trying to balance work and moving and I’m actually very excited to see it all come together! It’s all coming together so fast.

Last night – Baby shower for co-worker, then out for drinks for a semi-going away party.

Today – Take Bailey to the vet for shots and an official weight (so stay tuned!). Potentially not get the apartment based on Bailey's current weight. Visit Comcast to get cable switched over and get an additional digital cable box.

Week of May 17 – start organizing, packing, purging, donating, ripping my hair out, etc. And all of this with working at least 8 hours a day and trying to keep back a 115 pound Velcro puppy. (again – weight of said puppy still to be determined.)

May 22 – wake up EARLY and start moving things into the new place! (No work today…woo hoo!). Possibly have my parents and/or Justin’s parents help with heavy lifting. Fortunately my utilities are already set up for this day, so we’ll be able to have A/C, lights, outlets, etc.

May 23 – have several co-workers coming over (and hopefully parents!) in the morning to help try to move everything else in one day. (Could be possible…not that much stuff in a one bedroom, and remember-I’m trying to purge as much as I can bear to part with!)

Week of May 24 – goal is to have everything successfully moved out of 1 bedroom and into 2 bedroom, and will need to scrub the living daylights out of 1 bedroom to maximize deposit refund. Also try to start unpacking 2 bedroom. I wonder which will happen first…hmmm….

May 31st – officially moved into 2 bedroom! Then work on unpacking any remaining boxes.

Whew! The good news is that it’s in the same apartment complex, just on the other side, so we aren’t going too far. Saves on gas! We’ll probably only use cars for big stuff, I would assume.

And don’t worry all you family members out there – I’ll be sending you all the new address soon! I expect lots of gifts! (JUST KIDDING!)

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Krista said...

"so we’ll be able to have A/C, lights, outlets, etc"

we? moving into a 2 bedroom? are you and justin moving in together? I feel dumb for asking, but I figured it would have been something I would have read...