Monday, May 4, 2009

Was this Friday a “case of the Mondays” or what?

5:40 – woke up and couldn’t turn off radio: broken – the music wouldn’t turn off no matter what I tried. Turned volume down so it wasn’t annoying/blaring.
6:24 – woke up again. Oops, fell back asleep. Took care of the dog, took shower and got ready.

6:45 – started drying hair. (this is when I normally need to leave to be at work by 7). Hairdryer broke, halfway through. Have 1/3 dry hair, 2/3 wet hair. Tried looking for a travel hairdryer. Definitely didn’t have one.

6:55 – finished getting dressed. Left for work with hair half wet.

7:10 – arrived to work and turned on computer, checked voicemail, got coffee and oatmeal.

7:21 – finally started checking e-mails.

8:15 – went to breakfast meeting.

11:30 - went home for lunch. Stopped at Walgreens for new hairdryer to prevent another wild hair day.

1:00 – got back to work. Covered our reception desk for our out of town receptionist.

4:00 – Left work, fed the dog, let him out, unwound from the day with Seinfeld on TBS.

6:00 – packed up car with camping equipment and left with Justin to Woodland Park to go camping at his parent’s house.
8:00 – after dinner realized it was too dark, foggy and wet to set up the tent. Watched Dog Town with Justin’s mom.
9:00 – headed home.
10:30 – bed time!!

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