Thursday, July 23, 2009

Right now, I have a Blackberry Pearl through Sprint, and it is not functioning properly.  First of all, it takes FOREVER to load – like a computer.  I understand that BlackBerries are essentially hand-held computers, but it pulls up the spinning hour glass when I “wake” it up from sleep mode/try to open my contact list/take a picture, etc. And that shouldn’t happen.  I’m also afraid that the little scroll part on the front is minutes away from falling off, because it’s very loose.  Any BlackBerry owner will tell you if your scroll-ball isn’t working, you might as well not have a BlackBerry, because that’s the driving force behind its features.  It also has a well-known glitch to where, without any notice, it erases my call logs and my message logs – just “poof!”, gone.
It also has a weird habit of pulling up a blank white screen with a teeny-tiny warning message in the middle of the screen, which is a problem of the phone.  I’ve already gotten a free replacement out of it because Sprint (or BlackBerry?) is aware of the problem.  And to top it all off - it’s kind of beat up because I drop it a lot (oops!).  Which might explain all the technical problems??  Maybe.
But - YAY for good things!!!  I did some research on the Sprint website, and I am eligible through Sprint for a $150 rebate on a new phone if I sign up for a new 2 year contract.  So I thought, bummer, because if I have time left on my current contract, that would just be stupid to renew my contract and just start all over right in the middle of my current one.  I checked my account for my renewal date, and found out I was about a month away from my current contract expiring anyway. 
So I went ahead and “bit the bullet” and upgraded my phone! 
I am able to get a better *newer* Blackberry but get this – it’s going to be ORANGE!  They actually call it “Inferno”.  It’s a Curve, so it has a wider screen and a full “QWERTY” keyboard so I don’t have to double-tap on my phone to get certain letters.  Yay!  I should be getting it within 2-5 business days, so hopefully by this time next week!  I figure, I’m a girl and I’m fun, right?  So why not go “crazy” and get the non-traditional color?  In any case, if I don’t like it or get sick of it, I can always either buy a case of a different color to go on the outside, or they actually sell the “shell” of the phone in different colors and designs. 
But I think I’ll like it!

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