Monday, August 2, 2010

I like ice cream

Bailey likes ice cream. And luckily, I found a doggie ice cream in the frozen desserts section in Safeway!! So I indulged myself (since doggies things like this are just as important to the owner, if not more, than to the dog).

I didn't know how messy it would be, so I fed it to him outside. Turns out it stayed mostly in the container/his mouth, so I could have done it inside. But better safe than sorry!

So here's the proof that it's actually doggie-safe ice cream. It's actually made by Purina!

First, I attempted to feed it to him in the original container. It was too frozen and a little too small for the Monster's face!!

So I thawed it in the microwave, put it in his dog bowl, and he went to town! Much better!
So for those of you who think dogs doing anything is adorable, here's a little action shot! (Only 11 seconds...)

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