Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Update

I write this blog with heavy eye lids - I need more sleep!! I wouldn't say I've had a busy weekend, but I did get a lot done.

Friday was a fluke day in the Springs...we had 2 straight days of 65-70 degree weather and then BAM - an all day "blizzard" with several inches of snow. So needless to say, our plans to go out to dinner were put on hold when we passed a stopped car on the highway, then watched in my rearview mirror as another car slid right into them.

Saturday was a lot nicer outside, and we got a lot of chores done around town and just stopped at Sportsman's Warehouse for some window shopping. We got haircuts (I needed it BAD!) and even got some groceries. We had an early dinner at home and then went bar hopping downtown. It really was a great night!

Today was a great weather day, so while Justin went fishing, I got a few things done myself. I went to the dog park for an hour and earned 2 Activity Points! (Weight Watchers "gives" you points for exercise, much like eating food takes points "away"). Anyway, I was able to do the dishes and pick up the apartment and even take a little nap with Bailey. It was a great day!

The only bummer - I've had a sore throat since last Tuesday. It was really bad through Saturday, and finally started to let up. But, while there's no more "dagger" pain, it still hurts. That's the only thing wrong, no fever or aches or anything else. It's just because of the sudden, drastic weather changes. Could be worse least it's almost gone!

So thanks for following my blog and checking in! Have a great week!

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