Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Flowers in a bucket

I haven't done a "creative" blog in a while, but I was searching for images for a project at work, and the search including looking for a bucket - and these beautiful images came up! It's a pretty cute idea, actually. If only I had a green thumb!


Anonymous said...

Pretty pictures! What do you do at work??? Sounds like a fun job!

Sagira said...

Very pretty photos!

Karen said...

To answer erincraig -

We're starting to add self-paced online courses to our Training curriculum, to save on facilitators, and one subject is Food Safety and Sanitation. One particular topic is washing hands/use of sinks, and to express the point of not washing hands or foods in a utility sink, my co-worker (who is the subject matter expert) wanted to put a picture of a mop and bucket. So I searched for bucket, and got these!