Thursday, February 17, 2011

So I’m back!! I figured I was due to update my blog and my resolutions on how I was doing.

First of all, I’m on track with my one book a month resolution. In January, I started to read "Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know" by Alexandra Horowitz, and it’s a really interesting book (mini-review to come once I’m done), but by today, it’s simply not finished.

However, on Friday, January 28th, I walked into the library for employees we have next to my office, looking for a future month’s selection. I grabbed one short book (probably 25-30 with large print), called “Dinner with a Stranger” by David Gregory.

I read the entire thing over my lunch break. My resolution was technically achieved in a matter of half an hour without me knowing. It’s about a man who receives a dinner invitation by someone who claimed to be Jesus, and the man accepts. The more “Jesus” talks to him at dinner, the more the man starts to really think the stranger is Jesus. It’s basically a really good book on apologetics. It puts out some very familiar questions that I’ve either been asked or asked myself, and could never put it into words, and it actually has answers that just simply make sense.

However, it’s still bugging me that I haven’t finished my original January book, so I intend to finish it in February. I feel that I can say I read one book this month, since it’s the only one I’ve read in February and I will finish it!

Also, I have every intention of doing my scrapbooking page for this month this weekend. It only takes me about an hour a page, so I feel like I can do it – it’s just a matter of buckling down and getting started!!!

As for the weight loss, I’m not really down from January 1st, but I'm not up either. And the eating better – well, that fluxuates depending on the day. But, I have been very disappointed in my January performance, so I’m making a more conscious effort to consider what I’m eating and determine – “This is enough. You don’t need more, right? RIGHT!” Plus, I’m very busy at work, so I’m noticing that I’m not hungry as much as I used to be, which just proves to me that I eat out of boredom. I haven’t really worked out much, even after buying The Biggest Loser for Wii, but I’m just not a work-out type of person. I seem to do just fine without it.

And there you have it!! Thanks for sticking around!! And I can use your support and encouragement, so if you have any suggestions or comments on anything related to what I blogged about, then please share!

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