Thursday, September 16, 2010

Update for Accountability

Well, unfortunately, I had another weigh-in yesterday, and I gained back almost as much as what I lost the first week. So I'm not sure where I went wrong, but I'm going to try 10 times as hard this week!

I made sure I had a WW meal for lunch, so it could be easily counted, and I picked a healthy frozen stir-fry option with lots of veggies for dinner. I also got some WW desserts so I could still feel "bad" but still stay within points. I will have 2 points over after dessert, so I'm doing good for today!! (I hope this shows up next Wednesday in my weigh-in!)

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Anonymous said...

So we had a busy summer too! I haven't read your blog in a few months. Looks like you had a great time! We went camping a few weeks ago for the first time...well the husband and kids first time not mine. Anyway we can't wait to go again and take Chloe! Bailey looks like he does really well when you go.

I have done terrible this summer with my weight loss. I lost 10 pounds in the spring and have yo-yoed all summer. Not good since I have so much more to loose still. I know you have been doing the WW thing but thought you might like this is free!

If you sign up you can friend me on there...user name erincraig
It is a great free resource to count your calories and encourage your friends! lol I sound like a spam comment!